Bikini S36

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Meet the S36 Bikini, a one-piece bikini set that combines elegance and durability with a modern twist. Designed from a combination of nylon and spandex/polyester, this bikini offers premium quality and unparalleled comfort.

The S36 Bikini offers an impeccable fit for every figure. Its exceptional breathability and optimal stretch ensure you have a pleasant wearing experience, whether at the beach or in the pool.

The S36 Bikini is synonymous with sustainability. Made from eco-friendly materials, it resists fading, salt water and wear, ensuring longevity. Plus, it dries quickly, allowing you to enjoy every moment worry-free.

Choose the S36 Bikini for an unparalleled swimming and tanning experience. Opt for timeless elegance and modern durability with this one-piece bikini set that combines style and function.

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