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Discover our Type U360 Degree Electric Toothbrush, a revolutionary oral care instrument designed to offer you superior quality dental cleaning as well as optimal teeth whitening. Here is a detailed overview of its features and benefits:

Innovative U-Shaped Design:

  • This electric toothbrush adopts a 360 degree U-shaped design, which provides full coverage of all surfaces of your teeth at the same time.
  • This unique design ensures a thorough and effective dental cleaning.

Quality Silicone Head:

  • The brush head is made of high-quality silicone, providing a gentle and comfortable brushing experience while being gentle on the gums.
  • It is designed to effectively remove plaque, stains and food debris, while polishing your teeth for natural whitening.

Ease of Loading:

  • This electric toothbrush is equipped with convenient USB charging, making it eco-friendly and economical. No need for batteries, just charge it via a standard USB port.

For Adults:

  • This electric toothbrush is specially designed for adults, providing an advanced oral care solution for all ages.

Our Type U360 Degree Electric Toothbrush is the ultimate oral care tool for optimal dental hygiene and a dazzling smile. Its innovative design, quality silicone head and USB charging make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a significant improvement in their brushing routine. Order yours today and find out how it can contribute to better oral health.

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