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Discover the Solid Wood Decoration Pot, a minimalist piece of art designed to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces. Made from high-quality pine wood, this pot combines aesthetics and functionality to add a natural touch to your decor.

Whether on your desk, on the floor of your house, in your garden or even in a shopping center or hotel, this decorative pot blends perfectly into different environments. Its minimalist design highlights the timeless beauty of solid wood and fits harmoniously into any space.

Specially designed to accommodate flowers and green plants, this flower pot provides elegant support for your precious shoots. Its polish finish adds a soft-touch texture, showcasing the premium quality of the wood.

The Solid Wood Decorative Pot is ideal for growing plants hydroponically, creating the perfect environment for planting seedlings and watching them flourish. Its versatility extends to all seasons, making it a perfect choice to beautify your space all year round.

This complete set includes not only the flower pot, but also a sturdy stand and propagation kits to meet your gardening needs. With a single packaging size of 25X25X8cm and a gross weight of 0.400 kg, it is easy to handle and place wherever you want.

Elevate your decor with the natural elegance of the Solid Wood Decorative Pot. Create a soothing green corner in any space and enjoy the harmony between nature and minimalist design.

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