Multifunction robot vacuum cleaner

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Discover the future of household with the X6 multifunction robot vacuum cleaner! Without a bag, this technological gem will revolutionize your daily life by making cleaning child's play.

Thanks to its ultra-fine air filter, it ensures unrivaled air purification while offering you exceptional suction power. But that's not all ! The X6 robot is a real Swiss army knife: it cleans both dry and wet, adapting its performance to all the surfaces in your home.

Equipped with a 2600mA high-capacity lithium battery, the X6 can work for 90 minutes straight, letting you enjoy a spotless interior. And when the time comes to recharge, 4 to 5 hours are enough for it to come back to life.

Its camera navigation is a real asset, allowing the robot vacuum to map your space for methodical and precise cleaning. No need to worry about forgotten corners anymore!

Compact in size, the X6 fits anywhere and its 600ml dust capacity guarantees long cleaning sessions without interruption. The 360ml water tank offers you the possibility of washing your floors thoroughly for a brilliant result.

And imagine: a cleaning area of ​​180 to 220m²! The X6 robot vacuum takes care of everything, from the living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms.

So, if you are looking to simplify your daily life while enjoying an impeccable interior, the X6 robot vacuum cleaner is made for you! Adopt it today and let it give you the cleanliness and comfort you dream of. Trust technology to free you from household chores and enjoy every moment of your life. Cleaning has never been so pleasant!

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