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Distinguish yourself with elegance thanks to the Men's Tuxedo Set, a perfect fusion of style and sophistication designed for men who appreciate perfection in detail. Immerse yourself in a world of refinement with this set that offers you an impeccable look for any occasion.

Expertly crafted, this set is made from premium corduroy, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience and luxurious feel. You will appreciate its exceptional features: anti-shrink, anti-static, anti-wrinkle and breathable. Designed for tall men, it combines style and comfort without compromise.

Made from 100% high quality polyester, this set is the epitome of masculine refinement. Its distinctive style of business suits is ideal for those seeking timeless elegance in their formal outfits.

The regular length of the garments ensures a perfect fit, while the flat front style and V-neck add a classic modern touch. The crochet weaving method gives a unique texture and impeccable finish.

Suitable for all seasons, this tuxedo is your partner for unforgettable moments, whether parties or weddings. Thanks to its high quality, it embodies elegance in every seam.

The tuxedo is carefully packaged in a size of 40X40X15 cm, with a gross weight of 1,000 kg. This superior quality is emblematic of the whole, and guarantees you an exceptional wearing experience and a look that does not go unnoticed.

Assert your style with the Men's Tuxedo Set, a statement of refinement that demonstrates your eye for detail and impeccable taste. Make a lasting impression at special events with this set that combines sophisticated design and unmatched quality.

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